Operation and maintenance of Multi story building.
General Engineering & Mechanical works of diversified nature.
Construction of Infrastructure facilities (Cell Sites) on turn key basis in the mobile telecommunication sector.
Light Fabrications including Sheet Metal Works.
Maintenance and Service providing facility Electrical & HVAC Equipments.
Vehicle Engineering pertaining to Research & Development, Design & Manufacture, Up-ground / Refurbishment and Repair of various types of Trailers, Trucks, Trellis, Boozers & Special Vehicles for conveyance of special

Due to the relatively modest changes and no major design upgrade, not many existing customers are expected to upgrade to the iphone 7

Fluids / cargo.
Piping, Vessels, Piles and tubular forms
Port Construction, Ship Building and Ship Repairs
 Material Handling, Transportation and storage.
 Water well drilling materials and equipment’s.
 Manufacturing related to Plant, Equipment and Components encountered in Power Generation, Pharmaceutical, Automobile and Process Industries like Sugar, Cement, Fertilizers, Chemicals and Petroleum etc.